Our technological savant and chief software architect is a distinguished Computer Science graduate and a long-standing member of the ACM. He boasts mastery in MDA, DDD, Java, SAP, and Blockchain.

Enrico brings to the table over 20 years of hands-on experience in software engineering. His recipe for success is a piping hot cup of Java, stirred with a spritz of Spring Framework and a dollop of Domain-driven design. All of these are served in the shell of an Agile iterative-incremental development process, truly a dish that's designed to impress.

His favorite quote is: "If the smart ones always give in, we will soon be under the rule of fools." - Bodo Hugo Hauser.



Our social guru holds a computer science degree and keeps an open eye for opportune events on any known social media platform. She's our expert for social media, Windows Server and virtualizations.