"The only lasting beauty is the beauty of the heart."

- Dschalāl ad-Dīn Muhammad Rūmī

Embody Excellence, Embrace Compassion, Uphold Humanity
Handsome, Heartily, Humane.

The 'Three Golden Hs' serve as our guiding principles in this competitive yet remarkable world, shaping both our lives and our creative endeavors. We remain committed to these principles, unwavering in the face of any circumstance.

Be Handsome

مرتب باش

Embody Excellence. Our core principle in every endeavor is an unyielding commitment to functionality, quality, and aesthetic appeal. This dedication forms the bedrock of our creations and our approach to life. We embody the ethos of lifelong learning, continuously evolving to adapt and align with the shifting allure of the present moment.

Be Heartily

صمیمی باشید

Embrace Compassion. Our focus, energy, and passion are evident in every endeavor, accompanied by a profound warmth towards all we encounter. We understand that serenity and kindness have the power to resolve the most challenging conflicts and unlock even the most guarded hearts.

Be Humane

انسان باش

Uphold Humanity. Thriving within a complex society of diverse individuals necessitates a deep respect for each person's integrity, expression, and opinion. We are committed to promoting humaneness towards all beings, actively standing against any forms of violation.


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Our technological savant and chief software architect is a distinguished Computer Science graduate and a long-standing member of the ACM. He boasts mastery in MDA, DDD, Java, SAP, and Blockchain.

Enrico brings to the table over 20 years of hands-on experience in software engineering. His recipe for success is a piping hot cup of Java, stirred with a spritz of Spring Framework and a dollop of Domain-driven design. All of these are served in the shell of an Agile iterative-incremental development process, truly a dish that's designed to impress.

His favorite quote is: "If the smart ones always give in, we will soon be under the rule of fools." - Bodo Hugo Hauser.



Our social guru holds a computer science degree and keeps an open eye for opportune events on any known social media platform. She's our expert for social media, Windows Server and virtualizations.


Lead Developer

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Advanced Certifications


SAP® Certified Application Associate - Business Foundation & Integration with SAP® ERP 6.0 EHP5 (Enrico)


University Duisburg-Essen Certified SAP® Advanced ABAP Training Graduate (Enrico)

Service management

ITIL® 4 Certified - Foundation Level (Mehrnoosh)

Spring Framework

Pivotal® Certified Professional Core Spring 5 Developer (Enrico **)

Software Architecture

iSAQB® Certified Professional Software Architect - Foundation Level (Enrico **)

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